Blog’s First Milestone! 💖💯


Hi there! First of all, I would like to say thank you to each and everyone who follows my blog and takes their precious time to read my posts. I really appreciate it so, so much.


It’s been 3 months since I started this blog. I began writing because I wanted to share my insights about a specific beauty and/ or skin care product especially Korean beauty products because I love them so much. I also wanted to enhance my writing skills and expand my knowledge in the English language. I’m a newbie blogger and never in my wildest dreams have I thought that this blog of mine will reach a hundred followers. TBH, The feeling is surreal. I enjoy the fact that I learn a lot from my fellow bloggers. I also get to know and be friends with random people all over the world. Reaching a hundred followers really means a lot to me. Being a newbie blogger, I know that I still have a long, long way to go but I will definitely do my best to improve further. Again, thank you all so much! Happy Blogging!

Photo not mine, credits to owner



36 thoughts on “Blog’s First Milestone! 💖💯

      1. No worries Janna… Glad you enjoyed my articles. Curious if you “liked” through wordpress reader or on my actual site? Since, I don’t have it linked to the WordPress reader…

        Take Care, Keep writing…


      2. Oh okay, I got it… I do have a self-hosted blog, but with the Jetpack Plugin I’ve been using, it does upload my posts to the WordPress reader, so when someone like you follows me, my content will show. It’s not very site friendly though, not sure if I will keep it active, (the plugin). Thanks, again for the likes.


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